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Histopathologically confirmed Adenomadoid Odontogenic Tumor

A well-defined unilocular radiolucent cystic lesion is present in the pericoronal region of the vertically impacted tooth 42. This lesion appears to be associated with the follicle of the tooth, but has extended beyond the cementoenamel junction on the buccal surface of the tooth to the midroot level. Small calcifications are visible within the entity in the region buccal to the crown of tooth 42. The lesion has caused buccal expansion of the alveolar process and has displaced tooth 42 lingually. The overall radiographic appearance is suggestive of a benign unilocular odontogenic cystic lesion originating in the pericoronal region of tooth 42, such as an asymmetric dentigerous cyst with dystrophic calcifications or an adenomatoid odontogenic tumor.

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